Friday, October 12, 2012

sources of guilt

The first week, as I meditated and prayed about understanding the source of guilt, I came up with the following:
*breaking God's law (principally thinking of the 10 commandments)
*breaking government laws, school rules, employment policies
*failing to meet people's expectations or ideals and facing their criticism or disappointment
*failing to meet my own ideals, self-made rules, perfectionism.

Later I remembered another:  the accusation of Satan in our spirits.

Should we respond to all these sources of evil in the same way?

Should we be motivated by guilt?

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lisa croker said...

Good thoughts!

I think we should not respond to them all the same way as every source isn't necessarily truth however, I think the Church at large have removed true guilt as the baby with the bath water type situation - we need to know we are sinners and feel the wrong from right when we actually are guilty so we can be broken before God about it and repent! yet learning we are then forgiven so guilt has been washed from us and we shouldn't carry it away with us...

I think because we don't often know how to deal with our true guilt - we end up with a guilt complex which is then put on situations it shouldn't be - feeling guilty when a situation isn't actually our fault, blaming ourselves cos we feel we have to, or accepting Satans lies in our ear

it's a tough one isn't it xx