Saturday, October 31, 2009


a response to psalm 131

i am a child,
not better or worse than my friends
or my enemies.
i will not fuss and fret because i don't understand.
i won't pitch a fit because you say, "no."
i will be quiet in your lap.
i will lean my head on your shoulder and relax.
o, children of God, hope in your Maker
now and forevermore!


a response to psalm 130

from rock bottom i loudly called to you who made me.
Master, hear me!
please be attentive to my requests!
if you, my Creator, kept track of all my failures,
Master, how could i stand?
however, i find forgiveness with you
and therefore i fear you.

i wait for my Creator;
with peaceful confidence i expect him.
his word is the solid foundation of my hope.

from deep within me, i vigilantly look for my Master
more than the night watchman looks for the dawn.
my eager anticipation is greater
than the night watchman feels
when he waits for the rising sun.
o, children of God, be confident in your Creator,
because your relationship with him
has always been marked by the most profound kindness.
he redeems infinitely.
he buys his own children
from their slavery to willful failure.

Friday, October 16, 2009


liars may cause suffering,
but you will judge them.

dangers may threaten,
but you will protect me.

i find refuge in your house
where you give peace and prosperity.

the arrogant despise me,
but you will show me favor.

powerful enemies rage against me,
but you are on my side.

twisted and deceitful people will be banished,
but you will establish every one who is straight and true.

by your intervention, i returned from exile.
then you gave me courage to plant
and hope for a bountiful harvest.

raising children is no empty effort;
they are your gift and our defense against the enemy.

as i walk in your ways,
you give me joy in everyday responsibilities.

i have been abused,
but you have crushed the oppressor.

from absolute abasement i cry to you
knowing you will restore me in every way.

i will not fret because i don't understand;
i will find peace in knowing you care.

i made my requests to my God
and he granted them
far beyond my ability to imagine.

i want to get along with people
because it is beautiful and refreshing.

i bless the Lord with all i have,
and he returns blessings beyond measure.


a response to psalm 129

i have been mistreated many times
beginning when i was young.
the truth is,
i have been abused many times
from my youth until now.
my anguish is plowed in deep furrows,
in furrows deep and long.
the Lord does what is right;
he severs the ropes
that the wicked used
to tie me down.

may everyone who hates God's rule
be ashamed and flee.
may they shrivel like rootless grass withers
before it can grow.
please do not allow their influence to prosper;
do not allow their rebellion and cruelty to multiply.
do not allow anyone to bless them in your name.
how can you bless
the rebellion of those
who oppose your kingdom
and your righteousness?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


a response to psalm 128

i want to fear you,
to walk in your ways.
i want to be satisfied with the results of my labor,
i want to be happy
and for all to be well with me.

i want to be a fruitful vine
in my husband's house,
for our children to be olive plants
around our table.

you said this is the way you would bless the man
who fears you.

please bless us from your throne,
allow us to see peace prospering
every day of our lives.
truly give us joy in our children's children.
peace to your people.


a response to psalm 127

if i try to build my home
as a base of power and influence
but am not considering God's purpose and work--
what a waste!

if i am alert to every potential evil
and try to avoid all conflict
but do not look to God for his care--
what wasted effort!

what a waste to get up early
and stay up late
devising and implementing schemes for success!
God gives his beloved ones peaceful rest.

children are God's gift to me.
my own offspring, a treasure.
these little ones will grow to be
my ammunition
in the battle for truth and right.
i am blessed if my arsenal is full
of such priceless weaponry.
they will face my enemies unashamed
and speak to my enemies publicly.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


(a response to psalm 126)

we were captive in a foreign land,
but the Lord brought us home.

at first we were dazed
by what seemed too good to be true.
then we could not stop laughing and singing.
people around us acknowledged,
"the Lord has done great things for them."

oh, it is true!
the Lord has done great things for us,
filling our hearts with joy!

o Lord,
you have brought us out of exile;
please take exile out of our hearts
and teach us to live unshackled lives--
lives of freedom.
restore our fortunes
as the rains restore the parched earth.

o Lord, we are sowing seed at great cost,
releasing its present value
in confident hope of an abundant harvest.
you will multiply our future gain
as a result of our present sacrifice.


(a response to psalm 125)

anyone who puts his complete trust in the Lord
will be unshakable;
he will continue in enduring strength.

the Lord surrounds his people
as their fortress and protector;
he enfolds them in safety forever.

a wicked person may rule for awhile
but cannot subdue one who is steadfastly righteous;
the power of the wicked will be destroyed
before he can make the righteous fall.

o Lord,
please do good to people who are good,
whose heart-thoughts are pure
and who act in purity.
however, banish those who are twisted and deceitful.

peace to God's people.