Sunday, September 20, 2009


a response to psalm 124

o Lord,
if you had not come to help us--
your church exults--
if you had not taken our side,
they would have swallowed us alive
like a snake swallows its prey
or like a lizard snatches an insect.
but you delivered us from their desires.

they would have ripped us apart
like a wolf rips into a herd of sheep,
satisfying their hostility
with our pain and anguish.
but you came to our rescue.

they wanted to trap us
and use us for their own purposes,
crushing us to fulfill their own ambitions.
but you destroyed their snares and nets,
setting us at liberty.
you freed us to soar skyward.

you are powerful and wise and loving.
you are the Self-existent One,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


a response to psalm 123

i look to you
enthroned in glory
and enthroned in my heart.

we are attentive to you
as your servants,
waiting for a sign of your favor.

Eternal King, show us favor.
take pity on us
and demonstrate your infinite love and kindness.

enough disdain.
enough derision.
we cannot bear any more contempt
from the arrogant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


a response to psalm 122

i was glad,
i was glad
when they said
to me
"let us go to God's house."

i looked around
and marveled.
the congregation of the Lord,
as one body,
works in unity.
each member
seeks the glory of God
and lovingly serves the others.

this is where God's people meet,
delighting to assemble,
to raise their hearts in thanks to God,
thinking of ways to encourage love and service.
their fervency and faithfulness increase
as they anticipate the coming of the King.

Lord, grant peace
to the assembly of your own.
please prosper those
who love your congregation.
bring peace and prosperity
within the walls of our meeting places
and within our homes.
for the love of my brothers and friends,
i ask for peace.
for the love of God's household,
i will pursue its good.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


response to psalm 121

i look around at the mountains,
obstacles too great
for me to overcome alone.

where can i find help?

surely God will help me.
he is always attentive
and cares for my well-being,
never tiring,
never resting.

he shelters me from heat
as scorching as the sun;
he protects me from danger
that lurks in the moonlight.

he guards my life from harm,
day and night,
at home and abroad.


a response to psalm 120

o Father,
you are a God of truth,
but i live surrounded by liars.

deliver me from the lies that are told about me.
deliver me from believing lies that are told to me.
deliver me from being a liar.

don't liars understand?
you are a God of Truth,
and you desire truth in our innermost being.

don't they understand?
lying offends you,
and all liars have a place in the lake of fire.

don't they understand?
their lies are some of the fiery darts
of the evil one.

o Father,
i yearn for peace,
but here i am
on a battlefield
in the war
between truth and falsehood.