Sunday, November 29, 2009


i have surveyed the land.
i have seen its fruitfulness
and assessed its dangers.

this is a place to prosper,
but the enemies are enormous,
and i feel like a grasshopper next to them.
my heart almost stops with fear.

but i remember who promised me this land.
his love for me surges into my heart
washing away the terror.
peace and confidence reign within.

by all means, we will go
and possess the land he has promised us.
our enemies are not too strong for us.

take courage.

(reflections on numbers 13)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i deserved the wrath of God and eternal hell.

i pursued the well-being
of the Kingdom of Me
and my rights.

what did i care
about my creator,
his kingdom,
his rights?

i saw this as my world,
but in reality
it is his world
and i am his guest.

i acted like a reigning queen,
superimposing my mandates
over his.
how futile and evil!

i deserved hell;
he extended kindness.

so when i face illness,
or poverty,
or humiliation,
or betrayal,
i don't try to figure out what i did to deserve this.
maybe i don't deserve it.

but i deserve hell.
this is only light affliction,
and it only lasts a little while.

furthermore, i am his,
he is mine,
and his mercy endures forever.

reflections on propitiation, Romans 1-5, Ephesians 1-2, and Job

Friday, November 13, 2009


a response to psalm 133

you can see how enjoyable it is
to be with families
in which each member
treats the others
with unfailing courtesy and respect.

it is as beautiful
as someone being consecrated wholly
to serve God.

it is as refreshing
as a heavy dew that nourishes life.

in this environment
God sends blessing.


a response to psalm 132

remember all of my afflictions and act in my behalf.
remember that i want you to live near me.
let me be clothed with righteousness.
fill my heart with joyful songs.
please do not turn me away.

you have not forgotten me.
you gave me my request,
living with me and within me.
you covered me with your salvation.
my heart overflows with the jubilant songs
which you have given.
you have not forgotten us;
you have delivered us from our enemies.


you are yourself.

i am silenced before your power.
i am silenced
by the magnitude of your kindness to me
when my heart is scorched with pain.

please, come near me
clean the wounds
that you caused in your compassion.

fill my heart with joy once more.


here's a link that may give you some food for thought.