Friday, October 16, 2009


liars may cause suffering,
but you will judge them.

dangers may threaten,
but you will protect me.

i find refuge in your house
where you give peace and prosperity.

the arrogant despise me,
but you will show me favor.

powerful enemies rage against me,
but you are on my side.

twisted and deceitful people will be banished,
but you will establish every one who is straight and true.

by your intervention, i returned from exile.
then you gave me courage to plant
and hope for a bountiful harvest.

raising children is no empty effort;
they are your gift and our defense against the enemy.

as i walk in your ways,
you give me joy in everyday responsibilities.

i have been abused,
but you have crushed the oppressor.

from absolute abasement i cry to you
knowing you will restore me in every way.

i will not fret because i don't understand;
i will find peace in knowing you care.

i made my requests to my God
and he granted them
far beyond my ability to imagine.

i want to get along with people
because it is beautiful and refreshing.

i bless the Lord with all i have,
and he returns blessings beyond measure.

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Pastor Mark said...

Thank you for sharing! Very thought provoking.