Saturday, October 3, 2009


(a response to psalm 126)

we were captive in a foreign land,
but the Lord brought us home.

at first we were dazed
by what seemed too good to be true.
then we could not stop laughing and singing.
people around us acknowledged,
"the Lord has done great things for them."

oh, it is true!
the Lord has done great things for us,
filling our hearts with joy!

o Lord,
you have brought us out of exile;
please take exile out of our hearts
and teach us to live unshackled lives--
lives of freedom.
restore our fortunes
as the rains restore the parched earth.

o Lord, we are sowing seed at great cost,
releasing its present value
in confident hope of an abundant harvest.
you will multiply our future gain
as a result of our present sacrifice.

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