Saturday, October 20, 2012


After a full work week, I'm finally catching up on my blog following.  Here are some of the posts that *coincidentally* surfaced about guilt:

The Joy of Being Forgiven: Grace (from Roy Lessin at Meet Me in the Meadow)

The Joy of Being Forgiven  (also from Roy Lessin)

It's OK, Just Turn Back (from Lisa Croker at Christians Under Construction)

Guilt Perfectionism (also from Lisa Croker)

How Do You Know When You've Done Enough?  (from Holley Gerth at {in}courage)


lisa croker said...

"Repentance means being sorry enough for our sin to stop, convicted enough by our sin to turn from it, broken enough by our sin to be willing to be changed."

"The beauty of the Gospel is what we discover when, broken by sin, we turn from the darkness of our own way to the light of Jesus Christ. "

Thanks for these links! oh how I wish I could express myself like these writers do :( I can't read mine back even..

Tammie said...

ray lessin? my dear, maybe when we've walked with God as long as he has, we'll do better. :D obviously, i thought you had something worthwhile to say and a gift to say it well, or i wouldn't have included it. i hope you're not coveting another person's giftings! <3

lisa croker said...

haha!! when you put it like that...

" i hope you're not coveting another person's giftings!" I better be careful huh?! <3