Sunday, October 14, 2012

discerning the difference

I gleaned this treasure from Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer on Facebook:

“The Enemy’s voice can cause you to feel guilt with no clear means of relief. Nothing but heaviness and hopelessness, often with no specific connection to a particular sin. Just...there. Take that! But when the Spirit brings conviction - which is many times the purpose of His personal message to you - He will also bring you a road map, a way back, a way out. He has no desire to pummel you and
prevent you from getting up again. Far from wanting to harm you, He is initiating freedom and blessing in your life.

With Him, there is “no condemnation” (Romans 8:1). No ridicule.

Total love. Love for you.

You’ll know the Spirit is speaking to you personally about your sin when the feeling you get is not despair but a fresh desire for holiness and purity. You’ll know it’s God when He’s calling you back to His side, not tossing you out like yesterday’s garbage.”

- Discerning the Voice of God, p. 100

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lisa croker said...

Yes! This makes it so clear!

I am loving this study you are doing as it is SO timely for me also!