Friday, October 19, 2012


so before the last council of friends,
i searched the bible program i used:

there were 109 results.
102 in the old testament,
all of them referred
to an objective
or guilty/not guilty kind of guilt,
or to guilt offerings
to be given as a result
of certain offenses.

in the new testament:
7 occurrences,
6 of which refer to Christ
as not having any guilt.

 so i conclude from that
that the hebrew and greek concept of guilt
is narrower than our english one:
it doesn't seem to be related
to a guilty feeling/emotion.
 it seems more objective:
you either did the bad thing
or you didn't.

so i asked the friends what words they associate with that guilty feeling, and here is our short list:
fear of being found out

what kind of words do you associate with that "guilty feeling"?

1 comment:

lisa croker said...

thats interesting!
I agree with those words on your list.

I think, for me, it's mainly i feel the quilt and burden of, in my mind, never being good enough!

i think i am uncovering a beast during this series!! x