Tuesday, October 16, 2012

guilty of breaking God's law

1. don't have any other gods other than the true and living God.
2. don't make or admire imaginary gods or an imaginary idea of the true God.
3.  don't use God's name(s) lightly or flippantly.
4.  have a day of rest and worship.
5.  honor your parents.
6.  don't murder.
7.  don't commit adultery.
8. don't steal.
9.  don't lie.
10.  don't crave other people's stuff or relationships

and our motive?  loving God with all our being, and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

our motives matter.

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lisa croker said...

yes! the motive!!

I just mentioned that in a post about my weekend where I didn't feel even repentance would help because that guilt/pride made me want to run and hide but actually the motive and your heart being FOR God does make you convicted when you're wrong and that is a positive not a negative so we need not run but rather turn back to Him immediately!

When our heart is for Him He will judge our actions based on that and our knowledge - I believe personally-
We see that with the pharisee and the tax collector and their prayers... x

Thank you! x