Thursday, July 7, 2011


"because iniquity shall abound,"
Jesus explained,
"the love of many will grow cold."

the statement repeats itself in my thoughts,
circling around
again and again
until i pay attention
and ponder it.

because iniquity abounds,
the love of many grows cold.

and within my soul an alarm goes off--
a flashing red light in the darkness,
an air-raid siren increasing the urgency.

i am warned.
the natural tendency of the many,
probably of all,
is to grow cold and loveless
as waves of betrayal and violence wash over us.

and i see,
first dimly,
then more and more clearly,
how the wrongs
against me,
against those i love,
against my acquaintances,
against people i only hear about through the news media--
oh, all of these betrayals and violations,
and numbing
and callousing,
fill my soul until
i just

"oh, God, have mercy!
ignite my love to white hot fervor!
give me tenderness of heart,
a passion for mercy and justice.
give me stability of heart
to embrace the pain
of loving
even when iniquity abounds."

and the loveflame
on the smoldering wick flickers,
bursts into light,
and shines.

1 comment:

Mrs C said...

This is a constant 'alarm' with me... don't be offended, don't chill, don't turn away! This is when you need to hold on to me with everything in you!
It is my biggest fear not just for myself but for those around me - the more the things you mentioned happen around us the harder we have to press in becasue the tougher it is to stand and to see Mercy and His Perfect Justice.
Oh Jesus... I don't want to be one who grows cold. I will listen to you, I will look for you, I will put my broken and contrite heart before you openly... don't let me slumber - shock me, pigeon hole me - blockaid me in...

Tammie, somedays I feel I'm the only on in the World who thinks this way LOL - thank you for sharing such a raw post - an awakening call... an alarm bell! It's important alwasy and becoming more and more urgent to hold fast admist such torrents of adversity! xxx