Sunday, June 26, 2011

learning and discerning

this is the practical response to my post about preparing my heart to be a humble learner. the past three weeks, i have been trying to take something from each church service and sermon to reflect on throughout the week. i feel richer for the treasures i have been given.

three weeks ago, pastor don julian spoke from hebrews 2. some of his observations:
There is no way back, but only forward, in following Christ.

Jesus was crowned--not for lording it over us--but for suffering for us. (v. 9)

Jesus loves ans serves us, not just asking us to love and serve him--he is our inspiration.

two weeks ago, i attended the helena alliance church with my friend pam. her pastor, jim stumbo, spoke about pentecost. i'd never been in a church that celebrated pentecost and the coming of the holy spirit before. in speaking from acts 1:4-8, the pastor taught that:

Power is not in itself the entity that we seek. We seek God for himself, not some gift or something He does--and the Spirit himself is the power of God.
he also emphasized that the greatest power that we need is to overcome the darkness, the sin, within our own hearts.

i almost laughed when, after he had made a good point he said, "i don't really understand what i just said, but it's right there," and then pointed at the verse in his Bible.

how much of the truth that we affirm do any of us really understand? we see through the glass dimly, but one day we will see clearly.

the same day, i was able to listen to pastor don's sermon on hebrews 3 online after it was posted. it's a blessing, if someone has the time to listen to it.

and last week, when i was able to be home, mark preached the father's day sermon. of course, i always love his preaching. his emphasis on how God is a father--our example of the perfect father-- took us through the gospel of john. the passages he chose focused on jesus' life on earth, and those times when he and his father interacted.

i'm thankful for the opportunity to learn.

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Mrs C said...

good stuff! I'm gonna check out those pod casts, thanks x