Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the gift of encouragement

Ever since I first discovered Dayspring, I have loved the way they communicate what is close to my heart. I carefully browse through the written message, mull over the included verse, and then check out the artwork to see if it seems to suit the person for whom the card is intended.

Even more dear to my heart are the many Dayspring cards that I have received from friends over the years, treasuring my friends' love and encouragement.

You can imagine my delight when I found that Dayspring would send me a free package of card if i would review them on my blog in conjunction with their June emphasis on encouragement! I chose a package of Bright Blessings cards. In the package is an assortment of greetings, including birthday, encouragement and comfort, and gratitude. The bright photography and graphics are a treat in themselves, but the spiritual emphasis, turning the focus to the Lord, is what really touches my heart.


Christina said...

nicely done!

~ae said...

Dayspring is in Siloam Springs, AR, where we went for my son's wedding. The Outreach Center where many people from Dayspring attend, is an awesome church, too.

Mrs C said...

They're lovely! I have book marked the link, going to have a browwse later, i've never been on this site before. thank you :) I hope you're trip went well. x

Tammie said...

christina, thank you. <3

arlene, awww. i could almost be jealous. <3

lisa, :) i'm soo glad you like them. <3