Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's friday

but sunday's coming. . .

i want to be ready.

i don't want to be a picky eater
when i sit down at a banquet of truth,
even though i may,
like the bereans,
check the scriptures to make sure
that i'm really taking in truth.

i don't want to be grading
the performance of the preacher,
as if he were my student
in a public speaking class.
i want to be a hearer of the word
and a doer of the same,
receiving with meekness
the engrafted word.

i want to learn,
asking questions
to the appropriate person
in the appropriate time and place--
not challenging the authority
or veracity
of the God-ordained leader,
not dragging out a personal issue
for public discussion,
but in humility
increasing understanding.

i want to begin
with a heart prepared to obey,
to live at unity God's people,
a desire to encourage others
to love and good works.

Father, please fill my heart
with a song of joy,
with generosity,
with reverence,
with humility.

Lord, have mercy on me.


~ae said...

Mmmm... Me, too.

Mrs C said...

yes!! i have been thinking this very thing...the line between can be so thin and easily crossed, i always have to keep in check. thank you