Monday, July 11, 2011

learning and discerning

Pastor Don had spoken a week ago from Hebrews about being diligent to enter God's rest, and reminded us again of the importance of that. I really needed the encouragement.

Worship leader Ben Power reminded us that God is everything that we need and that we are dearly loved by him.

Peter Eldredge spoke about the conversion of Paul, and emphasized that all our ambition and personal power gets us nowhere in true holiness: Jesus is all we need.

Without coordinating the messages, the worship team had prepared to lead us in closing with "Above All".

During time with friends afterward, we (mostly I) received great encouragement to trust God to take care of people who are dear to us who are going through hard times.

I am deeply grateful for the Christian brothers and sisters God has placed in our lives through the years, and how they help us where we are here and now.

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