Saturday, July 16, 2011

fret, part 2

so i hear about the gossip,
or the lie,
or see the grief of stolen loss--
but the wrong is not against me.
it is against another.

then i fret
and worry
about how my friend
or family member

my thoughts an endless

empty conjectures.
love-stifling fears.
unsatisfiable anger.

"do not fret because of evildoers."
the words of my loving Father intervene,
and because of the noise
in my soul,
and the self-justification
--"this angst is not for me,
it's because i care"--
he repeats.

then he repeats again,
until he has my attention,
and i try to obey.

grieve over wrong,
over loss,
over hurt.

don't fret about the wrong-doer,
the hurtful one.
o, my soul, trust in the almighty love
of your Creator and Father
in the behalf
of those you love!

he will work all for good.
when they are tested,
they will come through
like purified gold.