Monday, July 25, 2011

learning and discerning

worship yesterday was very good. the songs chosen were a blessing as we focused on God's love for us and Christ's sacrifice of himself in our behalf: the love of God, blessed be the name, how deep the Father's love for us, nothing but the blood, and Jesus paid it all.

pastor don julian preached from hebrews 5 -10 on Jesus being our priest, advocate and mediator. being reminded that we need a priest, an advocate, was excellent. also, being reminded that God has also made us priests, and that we should be going confidently to the throne of grace to intercede in behalf of others was good.

last night at a home fellowship, pastor mark worden led in a study of psalm 1, reminding us of the path of God's blessing. the testimony of the different ones who were there about how God's word sustains us and makes us fruitful was good also.

being part of a body of believers--flawed though we may be--is a great source of God's grace.

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Mrs C said...

I sure miss being able to get to church :(
thanks for sharing x