Monday, July 1, 2013

i wonder

is our ability to give generously
on our ability to receive abundance freely?

is our ability to give acceptance
enhanced by our ability to receive acceptance?

does our ability to fearlessly love
 grow out of our ability
to freely receive love?

is our ability to be fruitful
always dependent
on our ability to receive nourishment?

can we give anything
that we haven't received first?


Penny said...

This is a very interesting concept, and lovely to think about. Like little tomato seedlings being carefully nurtured in the house before being set out in the elements where they are then able to soak up the sunshine and nutrients from the earth through their roots, before they can bear fruit. Like babies whose parents are more fully present and responsive in the beginning can, a little bit later, easily be held by others, and are less clingy and fearful, etc. Kind of like that?

Tammie said...

That's what I was thinking!

lisa croker said...

Yes, we cannot give (for long at least) what we are empty of.

I love Penny's Comment!