Sunday, June 30, 2013

art and me

here's the thing.

i've been gifted and online art course.

i have poor eye-hand coordination.
never had good fine motor skills.
legally blind.

and i wasn't given this
so that i could become a better artist.  ;)

i was given this so that i could share
a piece of my favorite artist's life.

that would be my one and only child.
an artist.

and i was happy to observe.
but then a quiet voice spoke within my heart:
i've been given an art course.

i might not be greatly gifted this way,
but i could grow in the small gifts i have.

 so the pre-course challenge
was to feel free to make messy art,
and all those artists are dealing with

and me?
in a certain way i am too.

so here is my art.
--and with an irony that makes me smile,
it is a statement against perfectionism--
because i really don't have the ability
to make any other kind of {visual} art.


lisa croker said...

I love it

Ben Power said...

This is one of the only Christian songs that is saying anything to me right now. I deeply appreciate the post. Thank you for sharing.

-that guy who hangs around your daughter and grandkids =)