Saturday, March 9, 2013


"Suppressing your hurts is like not tending to a bullet wound. Eventually you will bleed out. Don't numb pain, express it."  Lecrae

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lisa croker said...

Oh... so true!!
Also, in a similar way - I was thinking of even re opening scars where the skin has healed over a wound that has not fully knit closed! And how fragile it is and how the skin will often burst open...

I have not researched the truth in this but I will just share a first hand experience of viewing this happening recently and note how that made an impact on me spiritually:

My nephew had fallen against the corner of a table the end of last year and had a deep cut on the corner of his eyelid... my sister and my dad had taken the decision it was not bad enough for a paper stitch and it might not scar so bad if it heals naturally - it closed over but it looked sore and red(blood rich perhaps)even up to this event; well about 3weeks ago he fell against the arm of a chair- not one that should hurt him!! yet his cry alerted me to the fact that he was very much hurting! I picked him up and saw the blood streaming down his face!! I panicked! of course he had burst open the scar... he tolerated cold on it and he sat with me calmly then as I tended to him... you should see the scar now... It is healing better than the first time, it looks amazing and it really made me think of how he needed the pain of the skin re tearing so that the unclosed wound underneath could have another chance at healing! It spoke hugely to me in my spirit! x