Saturday, March 9, 2013


Angela Nazworth published an article about "When You're Expected to 'Pull It Together'" on {in}courage which I thought was helpful in considering suffering.

My response to her article is asking myself some questions.  Am I comfortable with letting other people express their grief, both privately and publicly if necessary?  Am I comfortable with grieving through my own griefs?  Am I ashamed when my griefs overflow outside of my privacy?  Can I trust God to let appropriate expressions of grief be good?

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lisa croker said...

I like these questions! they're hard to answer... I think we should allow healthy space for grief! There is grace for grief!
Jesus grieved privately AND publicly.
We see him go out alone on the boat to grieve when John is beheaded. He cries out loud at the tomb of Lazarus(although he knew he would resurrect him in just moments - he shared the grief of his friends!)He cries aloud over Jerusalem nearing the cross after he has called all the woes on the pharisees... his heart was broken to mother his people!

I think when we realize God is not ashamed of our grief and He makes space for it - it's freeing and it SHOULD help us to administer Grace to people in their grief too?