Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so the Father says,
"the older women. . .
may encourage the younger women."

so as an older one,
i try to encourage those younger
to be all that the Father
has made them to be--
loving their husbands,
loving their children,
being sensible,
being pure,
being diligent,
being kind,
being respectful to their husbands.

as a younger one,
i seek older ones who are
not malicious gossips,
not alcoholic,
teachers of good.

and for myself?
i want to have

(reflections on titus 2.3-4)

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Mrs C said...

YEAY, I think my blogger ID is working again!!

I love this, I was just reading Titus about 20minutes ago! and was reflecting myself - love it!

Oh, what would we look like as abody I we really lived Titus 2...beautiful