Monday, January 23, 2012


i didn't realize
it was outdated--
the word "mankind"
and the use
of the word "man"
to refer to the whole human race.


and i feel melancholy
over such a thing.

has our race become so segmented
that male and female
no longer sense
their unity?
their oneness?

woman comes from man,
and man from woman.

we are one
in source
and destiny.


and so
when reflecting
on God's communication
to man (in the archaic sense)
he is speaking to me.

and there is the communication
specifically addressed to men
(adult males)
that doesn't really mean me,
but i am never the exception.

and there is the loving instruction
to women
(female adults of the human race).

the Creator of the universe,
the King of kings,
my Father,
has written loving messages
to me--
his daughter.

and, oh,
how i treasure them all!