Tuesday, March 9, 2010


q. whose glory do you desire the most?

whenever difficulties have arisen
in the past several years,
God has instructed me
that it is for his glory.

at first i rebelled--
i struggled to submit to that,
because i did want to be honored
ant to have people speak well of me.

but now i don't seem to mind
what people say
so much.

if it is false,
i grieve for them--
for the danger
that they put themselves in
by breaking God's law
and deeply offending him.

i feel safe,
sheltered by the Almighty Father,
and i care little for honor or glory
for myself.

i deeply yearn to see him honored and glorified.

i find this change
that God has worked in me
very interesting,
and i am grateful
for his patience with me.

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