Saturday, February 14, 2009

faith power

He could have made Adam and Eve
without the ability to sin.
but He gave them the opportunity to trust,
or not to trust.

He could have given Abraham and Sarah
a child--or a whole tribe of children--
in their youth.
but He didn't.
He gave their faith a chance to grow strong.

He could have sent a little disease--
say, typhoid or yellow fever--
to remove Joseph's brothers
before they could sell him into slavery.
but He didn't.
He gave Joseph a door into great faith
and virtue
and forgiveness.

He could have hit Goliath
with a fatal heart attack
or a bolt of lightening
before he could intimidate God's men.
but He didn't.
He gave a young shepherd
the opportunity to show his faith
by his courage.

He could have made my way easy.
but He didn't.
He has given me the opportunity to trust,
or not to trust.
but by His grace,
i will overcome evil with good
by faith.

He will show mercy.


Chris and Sandra Bickish said...

His ways are not our ways. Thank you for sharing. You have quite a way with words. There are times when it is easy to doubt, but God is in control. What a goal ... to see every event, trial, circumstance as my way to strengthen faith, show my love for God, portray Christ to others.

Anita's path said...

It is so amazing experience, when once you prove that by faith in Jesus Christ my Lord, the mind struggles and the all emotions that told you" YOU ARE ALONE...NOBODY CARES FOR YOU" have made me into extremely rest, and I lean onto God ever since. Yes Faith is the power that we need and our Lord Jesus had given us the authority to receive It . Halelujah!!!