Wednesday, November 5, 2008


am i "Your person"?
do i belong to You?
am i called by Your name?

am i humbling myself?
do i think of myself more highly than i ought to think?
do i think i am better than others,
that i know more than others?
do i think i understand the situation better than You Yourself?
or that the way You are working is not best?
do i want my own way?
am i respectful of other people?
am i reverent toward You?

am i praying?
is my life a prayer to You?
do i lay out my thoughts with a unceasing awareness
that i am interacting with You--
You see my thoughts,
You know my motives and intentions?
am i hiding?
am i walking with You?
You are here.
You are always here.

am i seeking Your face?
am i looking for You with all my heart,
expecting to find You?

am i turning from my wicked ways?
when You show me my lack of love,
am i grieved?
do i turn away in disgust
and beg you to fill me with Your love?
when You show me my meanness,
do i abhor it
and yearn for kindness to be constantly on my lips?
do i earnestly desire a tender heart?
when you show me a deceit that i hold dear,
do i let it go
and love Your truth
though the rending away of the putrid lie causes me pain?
when you show me my disobedience,
do i acknowledge my fault
and begin acting obediently?

oh, Lord!
search me and know my heart!
try me, and know my thoughts!
see if there be any wicked way in me,
and lead me in Your everlasting way!

1 comment:

Christina said...

It's like debriding in infected sore. Painful and gross but ultimately what brings about the healthy healing process. Ouch. But such a profitable pain!