Thursday, October 23, 2008

friend or foe?

intuition is such an uncanny thing.
who knows where it comes from?
why it exists?
why sometimes we can be so accurate
in perceiving what is under the surface
with so little evidence?

sometimes intuition is amazingly accurate.
but sometimes it can be devastatingly misleading.
it should be packaged with a warning label.

consider a related truth.
"do not be wise in your own eyes.
fear the Lord,
and turn away from evil."
the process of being liberated
from an unhealthy dependence on intuition
is somewhat painful,
but well worth the pain.
after all, admitting that my thoughts
are wandering
down the paths
of my own
is humbling though it is good and healing.
being wise in my own eyes is an evil which i can and must shun.
when i am wise in my own eyes,
i cannot have a proper respect for God.

somehow when i am on that path away from God,
depending on my intuition and keen perception,
in my imagination i begin to think that i am omniscient.
not that i would admit it in so many words;
however, i become confident that i know everything that is relevant
about a given situation.

when i start concentrating on respecting God,
i begin to see that there are huge areas of time and motive
that i do not begin to understand.
every person involved has a 24/7 life
of which i know only a tiny percentage.
in contrast to my limited perspective,
God knows every thought, word, action, and motive
of every person involved.
He loves each of us
and wants to use every situation to reveal Himself to us.

my heart changes.

i realize i can trust Him,
and that i need to focus
on being and doing what He wants me to be and do.

and there is such joy in obeying Him,
because i am free from a burden
He never intended for me to bear.

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