Wednesday, October 29, 2008


when Christina was three years old, we rented a modular home for a short time.

one day, i noticed a black spot about the size of a quarter on the carpet in our bedroom which also doubled as a study. upon inspecting the spot more closely, it appeared to be an ink spot. you know, the kind of ink spot that happens when a child mashes the point of a felt-tip marker onto a piece of construction paper.

so i went over the checklist of possible guilty parties. me? nope. i knew i hadn't done it. my husband? highly unlikely. Christina. bingo! (that's what happens when your an only child; you always get blamed.)

so i called her in and asked her if she had done it. she denied it, the little sinner. so i talked to her soberly about telling the truth. after a few minutes, she finally confessed.

that night i was telling my husband about how i had confronted Christina, and how she had finally confessed.

"what spot?" he asked me.

"the one by the desk," i explained.

he looked at the spot. "that was there when we moved in."

shame washed over me. Christina was asleep, but i confessed to her first thing in the morning, and she sweetly forgave me.

years later. . .she still remembers it.

when the Lord says that the older women are not to be "false accusers", He gives us plenty of time to start working on it when we are young.

the moral of the story? don't accuse your child (or anyone else for that matter) of wrong-doing without true evidence.

God be merciful to me!


Christina said...

I do remember that a bit...

You were right. This post did make me smile. At the same time, it makes me very serious as I realize the consequences of jumping to and clinging to my own conclusions.

Oh, and I just couldn't resist nominating you for the blog award that I got. ; )

Pastor Mark said...

Tammie, I had forgotten this one. Thanks for sharing it with us again on your blog. What a good lesson for us not to forget!