Tuesday, November 20, 2012

mr. and mrs

I love weddings.

I like buying gifts, but if  I don't know a couple well, I'm not always sure what to get for them.  Gift cards or money can be a great option--plus the shipping costs on them are optimal.  ;)

However, I think I have found the perfect, all-around wedding gift:

They can be found at: dayspring.

One of the couples that I sent this to last summer sent the following charming note:
Thank you so much for the Mr. and Mrs. mugs.  They are totally awesome, and one of the best things we got. . .

I think they're awesome too--so much that I'm sharing this little story without Dayspring even knowing, or asking, or giving, or such. . .

Have I ever mentioned that I love Dayspring?  I'm so thankful that the artists and manufacturers and business people who are gifted in their various ways make these cool things available for people like me. to give, or to keep.

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