Tuesday, September 25, 2012


remembering special days has always been
hard for me.

one year
when i went through my accumulation of unsent cards,
and found 3 father's day cards for my dad,
and a couple birthday cards for him too.  
while i was thinking about it, 
i finished addressing and stamping them
and sent them all to him the same day.

he understood and was amused.
after all, 
where did i inherit this weakness from?

recently i read a book titled
the happiness project 
by gretchen rubin.
after extensive research
she spent a year 
focusing on increasing her happiness.

it sounded like a lot of work.
but i took away a key thought:
there are some {small} things i could be doing 
every day
to increase my happiness.

so i made a little checklist for every week day
for the rest of the year.
one of the resolutions on that list
 is to send 
an encouraging card each day.

i give myself a li'l star 
for every card i send.)

 at about the same time, 
i received a free packet of cards from dayspring,
part of their "really woolly" line.

i love sheep.)

so, i have been sending more cards,
which really does make me happy.
and even though i don't actually send a card every day,
the number of adhesive stars in my calendar
show progress,
and that makes me happy.
and i've been receiving free cards to give,
which also makes me happy.


Christina said...

Ahem. Your birthday card is sitting on top of my dresser. I guess it's a truly multi-generational problem.

Tammie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! well. i'll remind you. maybe. if i remember.

lisa croker said...

Oh it's a cute idea!!
My mother-in-law is the same it's a family joke now. she might wright christmas cards some years but NEVER posts them lol!

lisa croker said...

lol write* I'm still asleep!!