Sunday, June 24, 2012

borrowed from a friend

We always talk about the Israelites
when they were in that desert
as being
that all they did in there
was walk around in circles!

No wonder we beat fellow Christians up
when they find themselves in a desert
 – we have a shocking opinion
on deserts
and the people walking through them

God Almighty tabernacles with them there.

He set them as His people
and he their God
in that place,
that wilderness
where He supernaturally fed and sustained them
 – yes they delayed the entry to the promised land
but it was more than that.

God took them from being slaves
and he began to change them
as He was going to give them a land of their own
and make them a nation…

lets be real!

can you in your life today
just go from slavery
to leadership
without restoration and training?

--Lisa Croker on Christians Under Construction
(reformatted by me. . . hope that's ok, lisa.)



Mrs C said...

lady, you are so talented! You took my words, had them make sense and this post actually spoke to me! LOL

YOU have such a gift! May I hire you to be an editor for me? You can make sense of my head for me, and make my blog readable, haha


Christina said...

This is beautiful.

Beth said...

oh yes. thank you. <3

Sandra said...

I was seeking to get out of the wilderness this week - maybe I will just stay here for awhile.