Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a forever kind of love

in a little blank book
that i received
as part of a christmas gift
--oh, a lot of years ago--
i copy little things
that catch my fancy.

here's one
from awhile ago:

We gave. . .
when we wanted to receive.
We served. . .
when we wanted to feast.
We shared. . .
when we wanted to keep.
We listened. . .
when we wanted to talk.
We submitted. . .
when we wanted to reign.
We forgave. . .
when we wanted to remember.
We stayed. . .
when we wanted to leave.

it was written 
by dillon and patti bayes
for a valentine's contest 
for good housekeeping.
they won,
i think,
a mediterranean cruise
in 1994.  

i think it's classic. 

what do you think?


Penny said...

I think you're right. Very sweet, clever and insightful of them!

Mrs C said...

I love it!! Its words to live by for sure. Sounds to me like the servants heart the Lord Jesus wants to produce in us! <3