Wednesday, October 5, 2011

guest posting

i have been invited to post for "christians under construction" today. i don't know how lisa and i connected, but i'm willing to give God the credit for introducing us through our blogs. she has been an encouragement to me on the days when i wonder why i'm posting my bare heart out here in public. as a sister in Jesus, i love her and thank God for bringing us together. also, i look forward to that day when we will meet in the presence of our Lord.Link


in a moment of quiet
the desire for God,
for God himself
fills me,
a thirst that can be quenched
by no other.

in the night
i weep.
grief overcomes hope.

while difficulties multiply
some say,
“where is your God?”

the words pierce heart deep.

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Mrs C said...

I love how the Lord can bring people together from across miles of land and ocean :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful poem! I love how you said, "the day of joy will come once more!" YES, exactly! :)