Saturday, November 20, 2010

he is

he's my LORD.

the Lord's' commands
are wisdom
and understanding.

he is near,
and hears
when we call.

his appearance,
unknown to man.

he is
a consuming fire
and jealous.

he is
to those
who are looking
for him.

he listens
to the repentant.

he is
and unfailing.

he communicates.

he delivers.

he is

he loves
and chooses

he is

he is
the only God
over heaven
and earth.

he is
and just.

he is
a God
of power
and salvation.

he is
and great.

he speaks
with us.

he is
the only living God.

he desires
our well-being.

he is one.

he is
so lovable
that we can love him
with all our hearts
and all our souls
and all our strength.

he is
worthy of reverence;
he is honorable.

he is
looking out
for our good
and our survival.

"i am his,
he is mine."

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