Thursday, September 9, 2010


he is mine,
and i need nothing more.

the boredom that is a hunger for something more,
he satisfies with green pastures.

the weariness with things and activities
that is a thirst for another life,
he satisfies by still waters.

when my soul is wounded,
he restores.

even if i walk
in dark places,
in dangerous places,
i will not be afraid
because he is with me.
he is prepared to protect and defend me.

i am soothed by his healing balm,
and his abundant care.

his provision for me is not merely adequate,
but abundant,
even in the presence of those who hate me
and want to harm me.

by his grace,
i leave goodness and mercy
for those who follow me,
and i move on to follow him.

i will live with him

1 comment:

Cultured Cowgirl said...

I love this one Tammie! Maybe because I love and understand sheep and how a shepherd cares for them. Anyway, it encouraged me and pointed me once again to my Shepherd's loving arms!
God bless!