Tuesday, May 18, 2010

excellent woman

part 1

i am awed.

her character qualities
are so accessible
to anyone.

she fears God,
is kind and wise,
is generous
and diligent.

anyone can have these qualities.

part 2

i want to fear God
above all.

i would like to be wise
and kind
in my speech.

i would like to do my husband good
all the time,
and to deserve his trust.
i would like to encourage him
to be a confident leader.

i would like to be
a diligent homemaker.

i would like to be compassionate
to the needy.

i would like to be strong,
and confident of the future.

part 3


a man should encourage
the women
in his life
to fear God,
to be wise and kind,
to be compassionate to the poor,
to develop her abilities
and diligently.

a man
who discourages a woman
from being godly
and virtuous
in her thoughts,
and actions
will give account
to God
for his choices.

likewise a woman
who discourages
other women.