Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i see that the ancients gained God's approval
being assured of their hope
and being convinced of the unseen.

i see that abel offered God a better sacrifice
by faith.
i see that God testifies that he was righteous,
and that even though he was murdered
by his resentful brother,
his reputation is guarded by God.
but i cannot focus on abel.

i see that enoch escaped death
because he believed
that God is who He is,
and that He rewards the one who diligently seeks Him.
but enoch is not my focus.

i see that noah found favor in God's sight.
he believed God's warning
about dangers he had never seen.
he reverently built an ark,
and in so doing
condemned the world.
but noah's example is not enough.

i see that abraham believed
that God would give him the land
as promised.
and he and sarah believed
that God would give them a son
as promised.
but the story is not about abraham
or sarah
or isaac.

i hear isaac believing God's promises
when he blesses his sons
based on who God is
and what He said.
but isaac was only human.

jacob became israel because he believed God.
he worshiped God.
but jacob without God is still the manipulator.

joseph believed
that God's promise of the land
was yet to be fulfilled,
so he commanded that when that day came,
his mummified bones be carried to the land.
but all that remained of joseph
on earth
was a mummy,
a story,
a reputation for believing
God is who He is.

moses believed that bearing reproach for Christ
was more valuable
than all the wealth of ancient Egypt.
he endured.
he saw the Unseen.

rahab lived in bondage
until Yahweh delivered her
because she believed
He is who He is.

so many believed God is who He is,
and they suffered many things,
and overcame evil with good.

but seeing all these heroic people,
i turn my eyes to Jesus.
He is the author and finisher of my faith.
He endured the cross
and despised the shame
because of the joy set before Him.
i consider Him
who endured such hostility of sinners
against Himself,
and i cannot become weary,
i cannot lose heart.

oh, dear Lord, grant me grace
to endure.

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