Friday, January 23, 2009


it is a pale pink wild rose
with a drop of dew in its heart
when she holds a newborn baby
in her arms.

it is a crimson rose
half opened
when she takes pleasure in her husband,
moved with holy passion,
in the half darkness.

it is a burning orange flame
giving warmth to her home,
dancing and vibrant,
as she serves God
by serving her family,
her community.

it is a golden glow
as she radiantly observes the accomplishments
of her husband
and children,
and she knows,
deep down in her heart,
that she had a part in their successes.

it is a growing like the greenness
of a tree,
persevering through hardship,
flourishing in rain and sunshine,
drawing nourishment
from a source unseen by human eyes.

it is limitless like the azure sky,
stretching beyond the boundaries of imagination.

it is midnight blue,
when it mingles with grief.

it is the purple comfort of hearts-ease,
the purple pungency of lavender,
and the purple fragrance of lilac.

this is joy.

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