Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great Jumping Hailstones

The afternoon was clear and balmy. Then the clouds started rolling in, the wind picked up, and a little rain started to fall. That was all great; we pray for rain to combat the forest fires that are raging all around us. But soon the wind was whipping the trees around and the rain grew harder. Within seconds large hailstones were pounding the windows and doors, driven by the wind. Minutes later hail, wind, and rain abated. Roads were flooded with the rainwater covered by floating hailstones.

I went out to survey the damage in the flower beds and vegetable garden. Most of the garden had gone from lush foliage to broken leaves and stems in the few minutes that the storm had taken to sweep through our valley. But their roots are still in the ground, and some of the vines and fruit remain. I am eager to see what becomes of them with the return of sun and milder weather. In contrast to all the battered looking plants struggling for survival, the low growing herbs look undamaged, and the aroma they give was only enhanced by the force of the hail.

I am reminded of Satan's vicious attack on Job--the suddenness of destruction. I am reminded of the beauty of redemption and restoration. I am reminded of sacrifices of praise in the midst of affliction.

Our loving and sovereign God's faithfulness is great indeed. His mercies are new every morning.

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