Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer as usual

With the coming of summer comes a myriad of ministry opportunities. We go from camp to VBS, plus ministering to the various needs in our congregation. In the midst of much activity, one hears the call to come aside and spend heart-to-heart time with the One for whom we are presumeably doing all these activities. Today I am challenged by Martha, who thought she was serving the Lord Jesus Christ, but in some way was serving her own interests, because under pressure she had an emotional meltdown, barged in on the Lord's teaching, and reprimanded Him f0r not sending Mary to help her. In response, He rebuked her for misplaced priorities. What am I to do in similar situations? He does not allow me to justify boiling over; so He must have a solution--don't be anxious, but pray and be thankful, and God's own peace will reign in my heart. I desire to receive this message from Him humbly. God be merciful to us all.

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